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Have you considered Home Staging to help you sell your home?


Ready to sell?  Home Staging is becoming more popular, but many homeowners and some realtors still miss the value of this service.  If a home is vacant, a little dated or has an unusual floor plan, staging can be a game changer in getting a home sold more quickly and for more money.  Not everyone has an eye for interior design or room layout and staging a property takes away that problem for buyers.

The staging companies are making it easier for sellers to use their services.  They have a variety of plans that range from a live-in home manager, accessorizing rooms to staging some/all the rooms in a home with decorator furniture.  Many times, the home manager plans cost nothing to the seller.  The other plans can be set to almost anyone's budget and are generally paid at the home closing.  

In Jacksonville, there are several companies that I would use.  They have years of experience, referrals, carry insurance and background-check all of their employees.  It is a service that I recommend to clients that might benefit from a little enhancing.  If you are interested in speaking to me about it or would like my opinion for the value of your property, please contact me.  I am proud to share my experience and resources with my clients.  Below are a few links with before and after photos of staged homes.  Check them out to see if you think it is a service that might help you sell your home.

before/after photos of staged homes

HGTV staged-to-perfection/motivating-home-staging-transformations-pictures


Curb Appeal



Curb Appeal is the positive or negative, first impression of a home.  It is important because many people search online for homes and look at pictures to decide if they want to schedule a showing to see a home.  It is also important because the perceived appearance directly affects the amount of money that someone may feel a home/condo is worth.  Buyers assume that a well maintained home on the outside is most likely well maintained on the inside and will cost less in surprise repairs.  For better or worse, it will also affect the value of the surrounding neighbors' homes too.  As a general rule, homes with poor curb appeal take longer to sell and they also sell below the prices of other comporable listings. HGTV has created a new generation of savvy buyers with elevated expectations.  Since a home is generally a person's most valuable asset, it makes sense to maintain it.

Curb appeal or the outward appearance of a home comes down to landscaping of the yard, paint, maintenance/cleanliness of driveway and building materials and decorative accessories. In every neighborhood, there examples of homes with great curb appeal.  They mow weekly, edge the yard and beds, weed, blow the driveway and walkways of debris, have pretty islands that repeat bushes, plants and flowers in a coordinated way, decorative lighting, the front door looks freshly painted and may have an attractive wreath, the exterior paint is neutral in color and the shutters coordinate with trim or door color and sometimes there is a bench or fountain.  The good news is that all of this work can be done by the homeowner for a little money and sweat equity or hired out for more money. 

Need some inspiration?  Here's a link to HGTV tips on curb appeal and a few pictures from my neighborhood (in Deerwood Country Club) with great curb appeal.





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